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Typical Quad / Multi Setup Guide

For some of you that is new to Multi Rotor, you may like to follow this short summary of what are the items you need to build a typical Quad/multirotor and the basic setup process.

Section 1: Typical Setup and items needed: (Hardware)

- A frame, you can DIY or get from many source in the market. or here

- Flight controller - in this case the KK Plus and the firmware that make the board flies..

- LCD module if you use the use XXControl or NextCopterPus firmware (Option if the KK board is NOT loaded with XXControl firmware)

- AVR programmer if you want to be able to do your own firmware changes (option but you must make sure you order a KK or other controller board that has the correct firmware loaded). If you get the KK Plus as your controller, you just need the USB Serial for firmware upgrade.

- 4 ESC that match your motor/prop. Typically 12A to 18A for 10" prop setup or 25A-30A for bigger model

- 4 motors. typically 2212 type for most people that built a Quad with 10 x 45 prop. like 900-1000 kv range

- 10x45 prop. 2 CCW and 2 CW

- Prop adaptor if your motor do not comes with it

- Cables and connectors

- 3S 2200 size lipo is common for about 10mins flight, recommend to get minimum 25C rating

- Your radio system. typically minimum 4 channel aeroplane mode. From experience, spend a little more for a model with model memory and with expo or dual rate function will be a good start

Section 2: Typical Setup and items needed: (Firmware, example here on KK platform)

You can choose from the market which platform you prefer, as they have many platform in the market, it is not possible ti list all but most do follow the same principle. All example here are using the KK platform as example.

Classic KK from Rolf (aka KaptainKuk). Commonly called KK. He is the creator of KK Platform

XXControl from Mike Barton that support LCD Menu for easy visual tuning (Recommended as it is prov to be one of the easir firmware for setup)

NextCoptPlus from David, this firmware also suppor GUI modifie from MultiWii GUI

Variance from XXControl, Example the XXControl_KR that customised by Minsoo from Korea

Section 3: Setup process (use KK platform as example)

For the KK board setup. please read the motor/ESC connection from the following that match to your firmware:

XXControl by Mike: Readme file, can download from the download section within the zip file.

XXControl_KR: Read from the Korean KK site

Classic KK Firmware: Download from and open the ASM source file, the setup instruction is inside the source code. You also can download it from the download section from this webstore

For Radio setup, remember to use the standard Airplane mode and NO channel mixing to avoid unexpected result.

Two most basic setup you need to do before flight, almost a MUST to follow 100%: (please refer to the readme file of each firmware for detail)

1: Stick Centering/alibration (For XXControl with LCD, example here)

2: Throttle range calibration

Radio Channle for Futaba and JR as example on the KK setup:

                                                Futaba    |    JR
Aileron (Roll)                           Normal    |    Reverse
Elevator (Pitch)                       Normal    |    Reverse
Throttle (Collective/Power)     Reverse  |    Normal
Rudder (Yaw)                         Normal    |    Reverse

Section 4: Arm the motor and enjoy..

The motor need to be ARMED (Turn On) before you can advance the throttle to spin up the motor/prop.

Most firmware now arm the motor by: Throttle Zero and Rudder Right (some need to hold the rudder for about 1.5 seconds). You should notice the LED on the KK Board turn On.

Some firmware required further down trim of Throttle sub trim. Please do this if your motor not able to arm/LED not On.

Be sure no one near you for the 1st flight!

Fly with care and be safe! And recommend to Disarm the motor by Throttle Zero and Rudder Left (hold till the LED from the KK Board turn off)

More info will be added as we develop further.

- more link related to KK

- more built pictures

Useful link:

KK Multicopter site

Some FAQ from users on the KK Plus:

LCD firmware to fixed it at 9600 baud:

Missing COMDLG32.OCX when running the Flashtool:
Please note that Win7 64-bit may need this file to be copied to syswow64 folder

MSCOMM32.ocx KKPLUS_Tools V1.23 error message:

How to set the LVA:

Reset baud rate using the Flashtool

How to enter into LCD timing adjust mode

ESC BEC, should I cut the rest of the 5V line and only have one ESC supply the power to the board and RX?
- From some ESC reference maual, it stated if you are using the ESC with switching BEC, you must NOT connect more than one.
- From one of the reading if I remember it is from HobbyWing, it does recommend to have it as parallel and it will double up the amp rating. Please make sure this is the normal anlogue BEC
- If you are not sure, just use one ESC with BEC will do. the board and the RX current draw is very small

Where the RX and the KK Plus gets it power from?
Both are taking the 5V from the ESC

How the Low Voltage Alarm work?
- You must have the LVA code included to the flight control firmware. The XXControl 1.5(x) firmware already precompiled with the LVA code
- You must enable, calibrate and set the LVA. refer to the LVA demo video for details
- You must have the Lipo +ve supply to the KK Plus +ve pad (the distribution board). the LVA will take the Ground direct from the ESC BEC connection.

The Aileron stick not responding, cannot select LCD menu and also cannot do roll control:
- Please ensure the bootloader switch is at ON position (for 5.5d board)
- Please also ensure you have the RX Aileron Channel plug in to the correct pin

Have fun in building.