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KK Plus installation FAQ

Note: When you email to us rquesting support of setup/info, please provides us the followings for quicker possible solutions:

- Your firmware used, example: KK V4.7? XXController with LCD? Korean Firmware

- Have you read the firmware readme file by the developer

- What are the step by step that you have done and lets know the issue you are facing at whic steps.

ALLWAYS Remember: Follow 100% the steps that is in the firmware readme/setup instruction. Dont Jump Steps


KK Plus Flashtool missing ocx file error: One Page Instruction

Missing COMDLG32 error:

1. Download the zip file from here

2. unzip ""

3.copy COMDLG32.OCX to C:\WINDOWS\system32

4. run " regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx " (start -> run-as)

USB Serial adaptor missing files error 2:

MSCOMM32.ocx KKPLUS_Tools V1.23 error message:

1. Download the file fo here

2. Copied the MSCOMM32.osx to the Windows/System32 folder and then registered it in the Windows/System32 directory


How to fix LCD garbage/jnk characters display (Not supported from 1.5f onward)

For User with LCD Module and using the XXController flight firmware for KK:

Based on the user feedback, two common "problem" that make the display with non readable text:

1. The baudrate change from 9600 to other. (Sometime the signal that has the similar character to baud rate change gets send to the LCD and changed the baud rate), This only with the initial batch that has SMART LCD Pro V3.0 firmware on the LCD Module

2. The baudrate is ok but the Atmel timing need to be adjusted (Because the internal oscillator is not very accurate, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the UART timing for the Serial LCD.)

How to solve problem number 1:

- For long term fix, you can use the AVR programmer to flash a fixed 9600 baudrate firmware for the LCD module. The firmware is available from the download page

- Or; Using any serial connection, follow the video and change it manually.

- Or, connect the LCD module to a serial connection and use the Version 1.23 flash tool to reset the LCD. (you can download from here)

How to solve problem number 2: (XXController from version 1.5g no longer support this features, you need to use earlier version if your board still not able to display proper text message)

1. Turn on your TX. (Please ensure you have the channel plug in correctly and proper reverse/normal)
2. Hold the Rudder to right, dont release it.
3. Now power up your KK board and wait for about 5 seconds before you release the Rudder stick
4. now you are in the Timing adjust mode. (Do pay attention to the baud rate when the KK start, the baud rate may have changed and not in 9600 anymore)
5. now do the Rudder left 2 times (each Rudder stick move, the LED will flash once), with all the system still on, unplug the LCD from KK+ and Plug in again.
6. if it still dont display the correct text, repeat setp 5. If after repeat 3 times still not seeing the right text, repeat the step 5 but this time go with Rudder right.


The valid range of the timing is from 92uS to 120uS (102uS is default)
If you lost track of the number of stick movement, you could try just simply simply keep "Yawing" until the LED stops flashing (ie you hit the end), and then come back 18 yaws (120 - 18 = 102)

Remember to check every time you plug in the LCD, the baud rate must be 9600 (in case you use the 1st batch LCD with SMART LCD Pro V3.0 firmware) , else you need to reset the LCD first before you plug it to te KK+.
Please note that above two "problem" are not a hardware failure. they dont affect the function of the KK + board.

Smart LCD Fuse Setting:

Ext: FF

KK+ Fuse Setting for Bootloader:

Ext: FA