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MEMS Module Upgrade Manual

MEMS Module upgarde Manual

Reference below are for upgrding the KK Plus board. Applicable to both 5.5d and 5.5e. For other KK board, you need to know how to change some of the component to get the 2.4V Vref. You can use David's blog as reference.

For firmare, pleae goto the bottom of the page. Please read the respective readme info as each firmware are unique in their setup and usage procedures.

MEMS Module package:

MEMS Module Presoldered with Gyro/ACC/3V Circuit + Header Pin for KK Plus


First Step:

Get ready the header pin and solder it to the KK+. You can find the KK+ ready with the soldering point next to both Gyro for the header pin at both side of the KK+. As the picture below:

7 pin header at left and 3 pin header at right side of the board

Next, shift the soler blob to select the Gyro as external input. This will disable the onboad/original Piezo Gyro. Soler join from 1-2 to 2-3 as pcture below for all 3 points.

You also can unsolder/Remove the vertical Yaw Gyro as it will not be in use.

Next Step: Adjust the Vref to 2.4V. You need to have a Volt Meter and Measure the test poin label as VRef as the sample picture below:

Next Step, Power up the KK+ with 5V supply and set/adjust the VRef-adj POT to get 2.4V measured at the VRef Test Point. Use a Flat head screw driver and take the reading from  volt meter


Next step: Disable the POTs to support the firmare from Mike/XXController and David/NexCopterPlus. Currently two firmware in the market available, please choose the on that you want and follow the modificaton below:

For Mike's XXController firmware:

Remove all three Resistor as in the picture that connect to the Picth, Roll and Yaw POTs. (as circle in Black)

For David's NextCopterPlus firmware, please take note of the 2 steps below:

Remove only the Roll and Pitch POT connected Resistos (as circle in Blue)

The MEMS Module also need to cut the trace of ACC Z for NextCopterPlus

Final step:

Align the MEMS module and piggy back on the KK+ pin that was soldered in ealier step.

Flash the KK+ with the correct firmware and follow the setup instruction from the readme file of the respective firmware.


PPM Encder Connection diagram:

Example with the Futaba RX channel assignment type Receiver. If you hve others like Spektrum/JR and dont hve channel assignmt function, you may have to take out the cable from one end and connect to the correct ignal Pin. Basically you only need to have one cable to bring thePower from the PPM encoder to the RX. The PPM gets power from the KK+ which also get the 5V from ESC BEC.

Please note the 1st 3 pin from PPM to RX is the Full cable with Signal, 5V and Ground. Channel 2 to channel 7 is only the Signal pin. You need to connect it to the Signal Pin of your RX.


For firmware that support the MEMS Module:

1. XXController 1.6j by Mike Barton

- Please download from download page

- Must use Sum PPM (CPPM)  as input signal to KK board. Else need to use the PPM Encoder as above picture (Using Futaba as example). The Channel assignment  as below, if your radio is not follow the channel number (example JR/Spektrum), please connect the correct channel to the PPM board:

CH1: Aileron

CH2: Elvator

CH3: Throttl/Collective

CH4: Rudder

CH5: Mode switch for Acro or Stable

PPM Signal is connect to the Ele input of KK Plus

2. NextCopterPlus by David support CPPM and Normal PWM RX

PWM RX and MEMS board: (here) or (here)
NCP_V1_1G_QUADX_PWM_MEMS.hex <- Quad X
NCP_V1_1G_QUADP_PWM_MEMS.hex <- Quad +
NCP_V1_1G_Y4_PWM_MEMS.hex <- Y4
Connect any spare output from your RX to M6 of the KK board to switch Autolevel on/off. Hex and Hex-X owners need to use a CPPM-capable receiver.

CPPM RX and MEMS board: (here) or (here)
NCP_V1_1G_QUADP_CPPM_MEMS.hex <- Quad +
NCP_V1_1G_Y4_CPPM_MEMS.hex <- Y4
Connect the CPPM output from your RX to the ELE input of the KK board. CH5 switches Autolevel on/off. Ensure that your channel order is: CH1: Throttle, CH2: AIleron, CH3: Elevator, CH4: Rudder and CH5: Mode Switch on your TX.